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Access Control Systems for Homes and Businesses

in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Understanding access control systems can be quite difficult. In most cases, the door of your home or office is considered the access point. Several things can be considered one of these points, however, including gates, elevators, turnstiles and other types of barriers where entry has the potential to be controlled electronically.

Code and Bio-Metric Access Control Systems

In some instances, the lock on the door is unlocked by you, the operator. When automating this action, a reader is added. These readers can be a keypad using a code or even a biometric reader. The readers used aren’t the devices that make entry decisions. They send the number of the card to a control panel that cross checks the card against numbers that are allowed access. A light indicator often lets users know whether they’re granted access.

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Two-Way Access Control

When using an access control system, it’s typical that only entrances are controlled, not exits. If this isn’t the issue, another reader must be used. Free exit doors also require a special request-to-exit device. These can be either motion activated or have a button to push. These devices can be used to bypass alarms to allow you to easily exit.

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Access Control Systems for Homes and Businesses

in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Another common method of verifying identity for access is passwords. Other authenticators can also be used to verify the user. At Staso, we can put together an effective system to allow your employees to easily and safely access areas of your business, whether they have their physical smart card or they need to be able to gain access in another manner. Two-factor authentication can be a valuable asset. Schedule an on-site appointment to get your free quote today!

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