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video surveillance Winnipeg

Do you need video surveillance or security cameras?

We are a leading security camera installer. And with our  experience, we bring the highest standards. So, we help you feel safe.

With security cameras in your home, it is a great way to deter vandals and thieves. And you have peace of mind that your property is safe. Also, video surveillance improves employee productivity and customer experience.

What You Can Try Before Contacting a Locksmith

First, surveillance cameras observe the area. And they connect to a recording device.

But cameras and equipment were once expensive. Also, they require people to monitor camera footage. But it is now easier because of new software. This is because they organize video footage into a database. Also, sensors reduce the amount of footage. They only record when detect motion. And cameras are simple and cheap. 

Best Video Surveillance Solutions

Well, now security cams deter and increase chance of catching vandals. And this requires a minimal oversight.  So, having video surveillance is an excellent way to boost security. We are here to help you in Winnipeg.

Key Differs

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Locks that provide higher security often better eliminate issues.


High Resistance

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High security locks are normally designed to avoid lockpicking. For pin-tumbler locks, security pins are great components. And other locks can be designed to fight key bumping and impressioning.

Forced Entry Resistance:

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High security locks are great. And ball bearings and steel rods resist forced entry.


High Tolerance

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High security locks resist forced entry better. And this keeps the lock lasting longer.


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Make sure your home isn’t vulnerable to burglars and thieves. So boost your property security with high-security locks. Talk to us today to get started. And get your free consultation!

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