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Emergency Car Door Unlock

Have you ever had the misfortune to be standing outside your car staring blankly at your keys inside? Or slammed the boot shut before remembering to pick up the keys you put down? Or have you pushed the fob to release the central locking and nothing happens?…..Maybe your car key just snapped off in the lock!? How do you gain entry into the vehicle without causing any damage?

STASO Automotive Locksmith in Winnipeg has a solution

We are with out doubt the most affordable car opening service in Winnipeg, no matter what the make or model of your vehicle. The automotive locksmith will gain entry into your vehicle using specialist tools and techniques without a speck of damage being caused. And if your keys have gotten locked in the trunk of a new, high tech model of BMW or Mercedes, vehicle entry can still be gained.

Mobile Lost Key Cutting

You find yourself in a situation where you have your car but no clue as to where your car keys are. You have searched high and low and….nothing.  You need the car and you have to get replacement car keys – fast. In this situation, you have two options available:

One is getting a new set of keys from the dealer. That likely means having to get your car towed to their workshop.

The best option – Call STASO Car Locksmith in Winnipeg.

It’s is a no brainer! First of all, a specialist vehicle locksmith will come to you. He will produce, on the spot, duplicate car keys and program them to your ECU or immobiliser box at a price that won’t leave a hole in your pocket or take up any more of your time than is required. Even if you live on the outer fringes of the Home Counties, they will have you on the road within 24 hours.

Key Duplication

Do you only have one set and want to ensure there is a spare handy? Or do you need another set of car keys for an additional driver? Then STASO Locksmith mobile van will still come to you to provide replacement keys. So it needn’t be an emergency. Call STASO Automotive Locksmith in Winnipeg. We are your friend in times of need.

Ignition And Door Lock Repairs

There are times when lost or broken car keys aren’t the problem – it could be a damaged car lock, central locking mechanism problem or even a remote locking device issue. STASO Locksmith provides a mobile car lock repair service. We are capable of repairing or replacing car locks and ignition barrels. It’s a far cheaper option than the garage option and so much more convenient.

Broken Key Extraction

Imagine that you are out shopping. You go to open the trunk and the key snapped! Then you are stuck with a potential dilemma.

Simply call STASO Auto Locksmith in Winnipeg. Our nearest mobile unit will be despatched to mend your broken car key and get you back on the road in no time.

Lock Re-Keying

Automotive lock Re-Keying involves changing the wafer or tumbler setting so that you are able to unlock the car with a new set of keys. Once you Re-Key your lock, the old keys will no longer function.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Quick and friendly! Had my car door unlocked within 5 mins after i got locked out. Reasonably prices also.

Adelia Johnson


Reasonable price and great customer service. I would use again and recommend to friends and family.

Meghan Lisoway



Our Mobile Automotive Locksmith in Winnipeg Will Come To you. Saving You the Tow To A Dealership.

Got locked out of your car? Call our emergency hotline any time 24/7/365 for Car Lockout in Winnipeg. A traditional car lockout will take approximately 5 minutes. The services that STASO Locksmith & Data Cabling provide use quality and care to assure that your vehicle is unharmed during the necessary processes. Our trained professionals will assure a smooth car lockout process.


Car Locksmith Winnipeg

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Locked out of your car? Lost car keys? Trust our prompt 24/7 emergency lock out services to save your day.