Commercial door maintenance is essential to ensure good working conditions and long-life functionality because they are highly prone to wear and tear. Without regular maintenance, it’s hard for a door to last longer than a few years.

A broken door is not only inappropriate to deal with day in and day out, but it can also bring a high-security risk. Fortunately, you can protect your door from further damage if you take action to maintain it. This will help you avoid frequent door repairs and damages.

In this article, we are going to share with you the top 7 commercial door maintenance tips you need to know. Follow these tips to ensure the high efficiency of your commercial door.

1.Be Observant

Your commercial door can fall apart anytime without giving you a warning sign. You have to be observant to ensure its good working condition. If a door finds difficulty in closing, fails to stay shut, or unfortunately hangs on its hinges with the parts that are loose. This can result in unusual sounds when in use which eventually requires some kind of maintenance.

2.Tight the Loose Hardware 

Commercial doors often go from repeated opening and closing, perhaps dozens of times per day. It makes hardware loose and starts causing problems. Bolts of the commercial door are more likely to fall immediately if stayed loosened for a longer period. This can result in severe damage to the door.

So, make sure to conduct regular checking of all the parts that are held together by screws. If any screw finds out to be loose, tighten up the loose ones to make sure they are well maintained, ensuring full functionality and a longer lifespan of the door.

3.Install Door Bumpers

Installing door bumpers is one of the best ways to prevent damage to your door. Door bumpers help in protecting your door from banging into the frame or wall.

They don’t cost you much but surely enhance the lifespan of the door while providing great maintenance. Additionally, it will ensure the protection of the door frame from damage and the wall behind the door.

4.Lubricate Hinges

Lubrication makes the smooth functioning of the doors. There are many parts of the doors that need to be well-lubricated consistently as a part of door maintenance.

It’s best to lubricate each part when needed. The major parts to look out for in regular lubrication includes hinges, locks, and bolts. Lubrication will allow smooth closing and opening of the commercial door and prevent it from noisy sound whenever someone enters or exits through the door. You can use WD-40 to do it. WD-40 is also recommended to prevent rust, which is one of the major causes of the demise of the doors.

However, if difficulty opening still persists even after lubrication, consider cleaning the rust or calling for a professional commercial locksmith.

5.Clean and Lubricate Locks

Door locks are often overlooked when it comes to commercial door maintenance. It’s important to regularly clean and lubricate the door locks.

All that you need to clean your door locks is a damp rag and some soap. Prevent using chemical cleaners can be harmful and has a great chance to wear your door locks.

You can spray a dry lubricant into the keyway for lubrication and then clear out any debris by repeatedly running the key in and out of it. You can do it annually to keep your door’s locks working properly and well maintained which doesn’t cause any security risk.

If you want to recheck that door locks are well lubricated, you can remove them from the door and apply a dry lubricant to both the latch and the bolt.

6.Replace Damaged Door Seal

Door seals usually tend to decay over time. Make sure to check out the condition of the seal regularly. If you find it damaged and immediately replace it with the new seal.

Replacing door seals in commercial door maintenance is important to prevent sound but also to ensure higher energy efficiency. Additionally, you can add insulation to the rooms to save costs on heating and cooling and maintain privacy.

7.Door Frame Maintenance

Door frames are another major aspect of commercial doors. Any damage to the frame can directly lead to damage to the door. Keep a regular eye on the door frame for damages and don’t forget to remove all the debris and dust out of them.

However, if you find damage beyond repair, it’s best to leave the service to a professional door repair provider.

Final Words 

With these door maintenance tips, you can make sure your commercial door last longer and work more efficiently. If it is trouble for you, you can always ask for the help of experts. At Staso Locksmith, we have a team of locksmith professionals who help you to get repair or replacement done to maintain your commercial door. We are providing 24-hour emergency service at all points of time at competitive prices. So, what are you waiting for? Get it done right.